The Range is NAMFI’s focus of attention and its Operations’ area. It includes 14.440 Km2 of ground, sea and air space (166 Km length, 87 Km width), expendable to 19.660 Km2 (226 Km length), under certain presuppositions. This area is divided in 3 subareas named A, B and C, it is crossed by air corridors, it affects two international airport terminals (Heraklion and Chania) and 4 main national ports (Souda, Rethimno, Heraklion, Santorini). The Range has a ‘’Controlled Air Space’’ which means that no restrictions can be imposed by NAMFI in the air traffic and that all activities are executed, only when the required above sea area is safe (free of aircrafts). The required sea area should also be safe (free of ships) for the conduct of an activity.

For ensuring safety NAMFI has installed 2 Radar Systems in different locations:

  • The Air and Sea Surveillance Radar System, composed of five air and sea surveillance radars with mission to detect all aircrafts and ships closing NAMFI’s Range.
  • The Missile Tracking Radar System, composed of two missile tracking radars, with mission to track automatically launched missiles by SBAD W/S in the Missile Launching Area.
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Also, NAMFI for ensuring ‘’complete safety’’ has close and immediate cooperation with national military and civilian air and port authorities and interconnects with them for real time depiction of the Range.


The Range’s ground area is where the SBAD Units deploy and the actual firings take place. Launching sites, deployment areas, missile assembly and storage areas, warehouses and offices, are facilities provided in this establishment in order for the Units to prepare themselves properly and to train in real war conditions.

The heart of the Launching Area is the Range Control Building (RCB), where all NAMFI’s safety personnel is stationed and from where all the activities are controlled and supervised. In the RCB exist the appropriate radio telecommunication systems, the command and control safety system and the cumulated air and sea safety picture from NAMFI’s radar systems.