Eugbad 0001

From the 20th till the 22th of November, NAMFI Commander with a delegation of 3 Officers participated at the 3rd European Ground Based Air Defense Working Meeting (EU GBAD WM), which was held in Halmstad, Sweden. The objective of this workshop was to facilitate closer cooperation between European countries on a tactical and operational level with the intention to develop, acquire and maintain military capabilities for a European Ground Based Air and Missile Defense and to establish a platform and interface for multinational relations. Representatives from USEUCOM, NAMFI, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovakia, military defense companies Rheinmentall, MBDA, Saab and Diehl attended the meeting. NAMFI presented its capabilities in firings, exercises and evaluations, its experience in ATBM (Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile) firings, as well as its successful contribution to the operational training of air defense units.