NAMFI can host activities other than firings such as multinational large scale military exercises, NATO test and assessment activities, national medium joint exercises and tests by civilian agencies.

You can see previous activities that took place at NAMFI below:

In 2004 and 2006 a part of the multinational air defense exercise «JPOW VIII and IX (Joint Project Optic Windmill) » was conducted, with the participation of Greece, Germany, Netherlands and USA. Simultaneously, a German Unit executed firings with the PATRIOT W/S.


In 2008 the exercise «GORDIAN KNOT» took place in which the NATO Deployable Corps (NDC)-GR was exercised in command and control of troops in war operations. Also, the NDC-GR was assessed for its deployment and its capability to assume an operational mission. The participants were NATO and PfP countries.

Gordian Knot 08

In 2008 the multinational electronic warfare exercise «TRIAL MACE» was conducted. The exercise included electronic warfare self protection means for flying means with the effort to maximize the techniques of self protection against radar threats. Additionally, the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of aircrafts, helicopters and chaffs were measured. The participated means were aircrafts, helicopters, TOR-M1, CROTALE and VELOS W/S from all SG-2 countries except from Italy and Germany.

Trial Mace

In 2009 the exercise Special Project Open Windimill (SPOW) was executed with the paricipation of Greece, Germany and the Netherlands. The exercise tested the interconnection between air defense systems and the conduct of operations through LINK-16 protocol from C2 (Command and Control) stations. Aircrafts, PATRIOT and HAWK W/S, a frigate and a Control Reporting Center (CRC) were parts of the exercise in which an ATBM firing took place with the PATRIOT W/S.


In 2010 the Joint Air Defense Operational Center «JADOC» medium scale exercise took place by the German Air Force. In the exercise participated Hellenic aircrafts and German CRC, PATRIOT W/S and frigates. The exercise’s purpose was to interconnect different air defense systems through «LINK-16» protocol. PATRIOT firings were also fired.


In 2011 in the frame of the German ATBM firings named «RAPID ARROW 2011», NAMFI hosted the evaluation of the program NATO TACTICAL MISSILE DEFENSE (TMD) INTERIM CAPABILITY (IC) architecture. The scope of the test-evaluation included the transfer of the image-data and early warning systems from the W/S deployment area at NAMFI to the Allied Operation Centers (ΗQ AC RAMSTAIN, HQ AC IZMIR, CAOC UEDEM). The test of the system was the last and considered very successful.

Rapid Arrow