All firings in order to simulate real war conditions they must be executed against real threats and these threats are simulated with target drones.

NAMFI status for target drones holds the users exclusively responsible to choose the target provider. The only limitation for the target drone use is to be certified by NAMFI according to its safety criteria.

NAMFI accepts and utilizes almost every kind of target drone, such as :


  •  Airborne  teleguided


  • Sea surface teleguided   
Sea Teleguided


  • Towed  


  • Sea surface Decommissioned vessels
De Vessel

For these drones to operate at NAMFI, we have established specific safety requirements and we issue safety validation certificates.

In NAMFI we cooperate with private and national companies worldwide and we claim uniqueness for the capability of monitoring six different airborne targets simultaneously, including modern Anti Radiation Missile Simulators (ARMS) and Target Drones carrying Electronic Warfare pods, thus we can execute complicated tactical firing scenarios.

The Target providers that have already certified drone targets for operating at NAMFI are listed below.

Aether Aeronautics Greece
Airbus Germany
Altus LSA Greece
Qinetiq TS UK
Targets for Missiles Defence (TMD) USA STAR ATBM Firings
Target Management Office (TMO) USA


NAMFI utilizes a specific installation for the target drones. More information you will find here.