The Branch of Telecommunications & Networks (TelNet) plans, implements, operates, supports and manages all the required services and infrastructures of the telecommunications and information systems covering both the daily and operational needs of the training units at NAMFI.  The Base, the Launching Area, the Target Launching Area, the Cantonment Area and the Radar Stations  telecommunications and IT sytems, are upgraded, managed and maintained at a regular basis giving the  the best experience possible in training units. TelNet consists of experienced, specialized and highly trained military and civilian personnel in order to fullfill its mission, always with consistency and professionalism.
Among others, it provides high-level IT services, wired and wireless internet access, VoIP telephony, development and support of electronic administration and mail exchange applications. TelNet provides high level and high quality telecommunication services in training units always ensuring safety and optimal servicing.
In the context of its mission, TeleNet is responsible for the following:


Fiber optic network: development, support and maintenance of the fiber optic network to meet operational needs in the field


Information systems: Design, implementation, management and support of specialized software and hardware

The Power of a Strong Data Center Ecosystem 1440x1000

Data networks: design, development, support and maintenance of telecommunication networks (WAN, LAN, MAN) and core IT infrastructures (Data Center, Servers).


Radio Spectrum Monitoring: radio spectrum is monitored using specialized equipment to detect possible interference and unwanted emissions always with the aim of safety.


Wireless Communications: design development, implementation and management of PtP, and PtM wireless links, VHF/UHF ground to ground, ground to air, and marine communications


VoIP Telephony: development, management, operation, as well as support of digital telephony services (Call Center, Video Conferencing)


Telecommunication systems for the safety of training units (Long distance data and voice lines, Safety loop lines, etc.)


Provision and support to the training units of telecommunication services in the field (Internet, data links, telephony, long distance lines, etc.)