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ATBM Firings

Namfi Firing 287

Tactical Firing Evaluations

One of NAMFI’s unique elements is the ability to conduct Tactical Firing Evaluations (TFE) for SBAD Units according to SHAPE’s procedures and criteria. We are the only firing range in the world in which a SBAD Unit can assess and maintain its operational state so as to be considered a Reaction Force for NATO’s operations.

The TFE is performed by NAMFI’s TFE Section which is independent, reports directly to SHAPE for tactical firing issues and is manned by NAMFI’s User Nations’ personnel.  TFE Section is responsible for planning, conducting and scoring tactical evaluations and is assisted by qualified NATO Evaluators from different countries. The total score of the Evaluation is reported to SHAPE.

An evaluation consists of four phases Reconaissance, Deployment, Mission Execution and Re-deployment, all being held in our facilities,  in a realistic combat environment that reflects the doctrine “Train as you fight”.

Any country can perform a TFE with one limitation for Non Nato Nations that should acquire NATO/MC approval.

You need a place to try out your new weapon system, missile and target?

Other Activities

NAMFI can host activities other than firings such as multinational large scale military exercises, NATO test and assessment activities, national medium joint exercises and tests by civilian agencies.