NAMFI is in the firing business for more than 50 years now and we have gained a lot of experience, which adds in safety, which in turn is the central pylon for executing exercises. That is proved from the fact that all firing and activities that took place at NAMFI all these years have been completed with absolute safety.

One of the reasons that NAMFI was initially chosen by NATO’s survey team back in 1964, was its favorable location. In a catch of a breath from NAMFI there is a military airport, a civil airport and a military harbor, which provide complete aeronautical support and logistics. Also, in a 10 Km distance is the city of Chania, which is populated, modern and prosperous.

Significant role also play the neighboring military Units. The 115 combat wing with F-16 aircrafts, the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operation Training Center (NMIOTC) and the Rangers’ Units can provide great training opportunities and combine multidimensional exercises.

Crete’s strategic position in the sensitive region of the Mediterranean Sea renders NAMFI the most preferable and closest station for firings and exercises from the troops participating in NATO’s Operations and for reception of the troops returning from war zones. NAMFI is one of the few ranges in the world that can host almost every type of activity on the ground, on surface and on air.

Additionally, NAMFI is the only firing Range in the world that operates under the umbrella of SHAPE, regarding TFEs.
Lastly, along with our modern facilities and services, the preferable weather conditions and climate all year round can insure mission execution and success.