Welcome to NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI)

NATO Missile Firing Installation has a long history of training NATO troops on Air defense operations, land, naval and aircraft firings, evaluating their capabilities to counter existing threats and providing NATO with fully operational units.

In 1964 eight Allied Nations signed a Multinational Agreement on the use of NAMFI, setting the framework of its longstanding capability in providing training and evaluation. Nowadays three nations, GREECE-GERMANY and THE NETHERLANDS are the, so called, User Nations who are funding NAMFI’s operation, while Greece, as the Host Nation and through The Hellenic National Defense General Staff, is manning and operating NAMFI.

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Our Skills & Experience

NAMFI provides high quality training opportunities along with efficient support and exploits, furthermore, the advantages originating from its unique capabilities such as the Conduct of ATBM Firings, the Tactical Firing Evaluation Section which is independent, reports directly to SHAPE for tactical firing issues and is manned by NAMFI’s User Nations’ personnel and the modern accommodation and welfare facilities. All this, along with NAMFI’s favorable location and weather conditions, almost all year around, guarantee that NAMFI will be in the limelight for the years to come.

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Support Services

NAMFI has a well structured support organization for the sustainment and welfare of the troops, capable of accommodating and messing more than 900 troops simultaneously, state of the art sports complex and quality free time places such as our Officer’s Club ASTERIA with the spectacular view on Souda Bay and our NAMFI Club in Marathi beach, one of the prettiest in Chania Area. We can also provide a variety of Conference rooms to accommodate meetings and conferences.

NAMFI Club Marathi Beach

NAMFI Club on the sandy beach of Marathi, provides the perfect place for free time relaxation.

NAMFI Officers’ Club Asteria

NAMFI Officers’ club Asteria” offers high quality dining services accompanied by a spectacular view on Souda Bay
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Accommodation Facilities

NAMFI Cantonment area provides modern facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable accommodation of the training Units.



Protection Measures on COVID-19

NAMFI adheres to safety measures against Covid-19 established by the Hellenic Public Health authorities. For more information please visit the following websites:

Protection Measures on COVID-19

NAMFI follows all procedures provided by the public authorities in relation to the management of the covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the temperature of the employees when entering the cantonment area is measured daily and all the necessary safety measures are strictry followed (use of mask / keeping distance / frequent hand washing). Regarding the regional unit of Chania it is necessary to emphasize that until September 15 there are increased measures of epidemiological surveillance. The following websites are
suggested for further information:

This is the website of the national pandemic management authority
with useful information for the development
and treatment of covid-19 pandemic.

This is the website of the greek civil protection with useful information for the greek epidemiological situation.

This is the official website of the European union regarding what is needed when travelling in EU (pcr test for covid-19/fligt pass etc).

Weather in Chania