The cantonment is the area where the modern lodging facilities of NAMFI are situated. We can accomodate almost 1000 persons simultaneously in rennovated single and double rooms and we also provide VIP rooms for distinguished guests.

The mess hall can provide food services for approximately 400 persons at the same time and also there is a rennovated snack bar which prepares fast food, with games, cable TV and cafeteria.

Medical services, sports fields (tennis, basketball, soccer), indoor gym, a conference and projection room, laundry, barber and tailor sevices (through an external contractor), a christian church, a duty free shop (for foreign personnel), many relaxation areas and Wi-Fi coverage in every spot of the cantonment are additional provisions.


NAMFI provides temporary accomodation to military, foreigh and domesic personnel, participating in national or international military affairs. This provision is seperate to the provided in users, executing an operation at NAMFI.
NOTE: The requests should be made by the respective military authority (not the individuals).

We can facilitate Units returning from war zones and need an intervening station to homeland, as we have done so with Dutch Units, through an Adaptation Program and US Units, through the US NSA in Souda Bay.

NAMFI can accomodate Forces that partcipate in NATO’s Operations and even to Non Nato Countries, as it happened in 2011, in the ”Odyssey Dawn” Operation in Lybia.

More about accomodation services here.