Major General Stavros Tzoumerkiotis was born in Patras, Greece, on October 19 th , 1965. He was admitted to the Hellenic Military Academy in 1985, graduated in 1989, and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in Artillery Branch.
As a Junior Officer he has served in various Artillery Units, with the assignments of Platoon Leader, S-2/S-3 Officer, and Battery Commander.

Major General Tzoumerkiotis has successfully attended all the National Army Field and Air Defence Artillery Schools. He graduated from the “Target Acquisition” Course, in Oklahoma, US.

He has also attended the following online NATO courses:

  • Building integrity (BI) Awareness course
  • Improving Operational effectiveness by integrating Gender Perspective
  • Cyber Defence Awareness

In 2001, he attended the “Advanced Chemical Course”, in Missuri, US.

In 2002-2003 he attended and graduated from the Hellenic Supreme War College (59 TG). Also in 2014, he attended the Greek National Defence College.

Additionally, he has served as:

  • Operation Chief in Artillery Command of the 12 th (XII) Mechanized Division (2003)
  • Deputy Commander of 174 Light Anti Aircraft Battalion (2004-2006)
  • Commander of 110 Self Propelled Artillery Battalion, in Ferres, Evros (2006)
  • “D” Section Chief, GRC NMR, in Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe(Mons, Belgium) (2007-2010)
  • Commander of 131 Self Propelled Artillery Battalion, Tychero, Evros (2010-2013)
  • Section Chief in Studies/Research Department of the Ministry of National Defence (2013)
  • Section Chief of Operations Division in Hellenic Army General Staff (2015-2018)
  • Artillery Directorate of the 95 Higher Command of National Guard Battalions (95 ADTE) (2018-2019)

In March of 2019 he was promoted to Brigadier General and assigned to NRDC-ITA (Milan, Italy) as commander of HQ REAR/JLSG.

Upon his return in March of 2021, he was posted as Deputy Commander in 95 Higher Command of National Guard Battalions “Diagoridon” (95 ADTE)

In March of 2022, he was promoted to Major General and assigned as NAMFI’s Commander.

Major General Tzoumerkiotis has been awarded all the Decorations, Medals, and Commendations provided for his rank.

He holds a Master’s in Applied Strategy and International Security from the University of Plymouth, England (UK).

Major General Tzoumerkiotis speaks English fluently. He is married to Ariadne Ompasaki and has a daughter (24 years old) and a son (18 years old).