Range Safety Branch is responsible for the safe conducting of firings that are being executed at NAMFI, throughout all their phases. This is achieved with the full operational utilization of NAMFI’s means, equipment, it’s Radar Stations and the specialized at its duties and fully trained staff.
Range Safety Branch duties are briefly described below:


Is responsible for the safe and uninterrupted conduction of firings. Its duties include the exchange of information and constantly updating all the responsible authorities in order to publish the essentials notifications and inform them about them.


Supervises, oversees and controls the airspace and maritime space of NAMFI while also informs and guides aircrafts and ships safely outside of the extended area of NAMFI.


Collaborates constantly and continously with the authorities about information regarding the maritime and sea traffic of the extended area of NAMFI.


Updates the units in training and the target service company about the weather conditions, forecast and how they may affect the firings.


Is responsible for overseeing that all safety criterias and aspects are being held, for the safety of the personnel during the firings.


Cooperates with the companies providing target services and coordinatessupervises the input and execution of the approved flight paths of the targets.


Recommends the “Go or No Go” of each firing, taking into consideration all the safety aspects criteria and weather conditions at the time of each firing.


Monitors the trajectory of the ammunition and missiles from their launch until their impact or self destruct, in case of safety issues and emergencies.


Coordinates the radar section during firings for the best possible utilization of their picture and information, in order to have the best overview, supervise and oversee at the best possible conditions NAMFI’s firing area, during the firings.