NAMFI is a Multinational Training Installation which was established with the Multilateral Agreement (MA) signed on June 11, 1964 initially by 8 countries.

Today three countries – Germany, Greece and the Netherlands- which are called Users Nations are still parties of the Agreement and they support and use NAMFI on permanent basis.

NAMFI administratively is controlled by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) and is manned by military and civilian personnel belonging to the Hellenic Armed Forces. The other two User Nations have stationed Liaison Officers to assist and advise NAMFI’s Commanding Officer who is designated by the Host Nation.NAMFI’s mission is to provide safe conditions within its space for the conduct of live firing exercises and additionally to host military and civilian aspect activities.

NAMFI΄s Histrory

In the middle sixties, the NATO Advisory Group of Aeronautical Research and Development (AGARD) was tasked to prepare a study for finding out and establishing a Guided Missile Range in Europe. After an extensive examination and relative study of all the proposed regions, the Akrotiri area next to Souda Bay of Crete was finally selected as the most suitable place for the following reasons:

  • The orientation, the general lay-out and the size of the area, allow the utilization of the maximum range of the Weapon Systems.
  • The Air and the Naval Bases in the area (Chania Airport and Souda Harbor) facilitate the access to NAMFI’s Launching area.
  • The good meteorological conditions allow the operation throughout the year

The period 1964 – 1968 NAMFI was constructed at Akrotiri area Chania Crete using NATO funds and based on the terms of its “Multilateral Agreement” which was signed by Belgium, France, W. Germany, Denmark, Greece, Norway, The Netherlands and USA in 1964. This agreement determines the legal status, its utilization, operation and other basic issues of NAMFI.
Since then NAMFI continues to operate up-to-day.

NAMFI is considered to be as one of the most significant Training-Centers of NATO.


NAMFI and NATO retain an unbreakable relationship that begun from NAMFI’s establishment, back in the period between 1964 and 1968. NATO in the search for a firing range to train its air defense Units chose Crete and the area of Chania as the most suitable place. The design and construction of NAMFI was made by NATO’s agencies and supervision and all the infrastructure funds originated by NATO’s recourses.
Furthermore, beginning from 1996 the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe – SHAPE’s concept of “Tactical Firing” has been implemented at NAMFI. For this purpose the TFE Section was created at NAMFI, to plan and score the evaluated Units and it is the only section in the world that operates under the umbrella of SHAPE. Additionally, SHAPE through the TFE Section approves the annual firing schedule of NAMFI and it is informed of any change may happen.
Another strong link between NAMFI and NATO structures is the participation of a SHAPE’s representative in NAMFI’s UNAC’s and UNFC’s. This can only be considered as an indication of NATO’s involvement in NAMFI’s function as a co-decider and an active member.
Even more, NAMFI still continues to be included to NATO’s common funding via Capability Packages for upgrading its operation capabilities and facilities. The most important program in NAMFI’s history, the procurement of a Multiple Missile Tracking Radar-MMTR, is being funded almost in total, by NATO.
Lastly, NATO’s Military Committee (MC) has the final word on the approval procedure of a firing activity at NAMFI by a Non NATO Nation. This procedure was decided a few years ago when NAMFI opened its doors to countries others than User Nations and NATO considered this potential very important for the Alliance’s affairs. This concept clarifies NATO’s high interest in NAMFI’s issues and their steady relationship.

How NAMFI Operates

NAMFI operates with common decisions which are decided in committees and have compulsory affect not only for NAMFI but for every User Nation as well. These committees are called User Nation Annual Committees (UNAC) and they take place twice a year with NAMFI’s User Nations’ and SHAPE’s representatives. At UNAC the participants decide unanimously for all NAMFI’s matters (firing schedule, exercises, operational and infrastructure issues).
Also, every year financial tools from each User Nation and SHAPE get together at User Nation Financial Committee (UNFC) in which all the financial issues are discussed and the next years’ annual budget is decided. NAMFI has its own budget which is contributed exclusively by User Nations.
NAMFI Commander is responsible to abide with UNAC decisions and to implement them into NAMFI’s functionality, with the assistance of its staff.