NAMFI cares for the society

NAMFI cares for the local society and the city of Chania because it cares about its personnel and their families who live and cooperate with local society. We have realized that prosperity of Chania means prosperity for NAMFI’s personnel and we try in every activity to maintain, contribute and increase its growth.

A way to contribute is the frequent donation of blood by NAMFI’s military and civilianpersonnel to the Prefectural General Hospital of Chania. This unselfish voluntary act is being organized with NAMFI’s initiative in its premises and all the donated blood goes directly to the disposal of the Hospital.

NAMFI cares for the local economy

A shine example of NAMFI’s contribution is the financial reinforcement of the local market. The approximately 8 million euros NAMFI’s budget is consumed almost by 80% in the local traders for maintenance and contracting purposes. Also, NAMFI’s personnel with their families spend all their earnings in local businesses.

NAMFI cares for the local tourism

NAMFI cares for the tourism of the city of Chania and its growth since we attract every year hundreds of militants and civilians, who train at our facilities, utilize our services or just pay a visit. We try to orient them in using local products and markets, to get to know and enjoy the cretan civilization so as to return in Chania just as simple tourists.

NAMFI cares for the environment

NAMFI cares for the local environment (sea and soil) since it strictly prohibits with UNAC decision, the use of missiles which in any way pollute the local ecosystem.

NAMFI’s Energy Policy 

Implementation of energy management system according to ISO: 50001:2018